The 7 Cs of the Creative Process

We think it’s helpful to have some guidelines for completing what we set out to do. 

Here are Catch Creative’s 7 Cs of the Creative Process:


You need to start somewhere. The space between the time you spend thinking about coming up with an idea and actually conceptualising its content can sometimes take, what seems like, forever. Waiting for a “good” idea can deter from any actual progress being made. Perfection is the enemy of good. The only way to really get started, to unearth a great idea, is to get started. Put the pen to paper and scratch out some thoughts, get the brain working. Before you know it, the ideas will come. 


Know your capacity when taking on a project - before you make a goal to complete something in a certain way, assess the skills you need to complete it, and compare it with the skills you already possess. Maybe a video you have in mind involves some unconventional editing or technically challenging motion graphics. In order to complete the project efficiently, and to a level that you’re satisfied with, assess your skills beforehand. Maybe you need to brush up on AfterEffects - do it before you start so you don't feel like you’re getting behind once the project is rolling.


Now that you’ve come up with your idea and you know your limitations, focusing on the idea’s ultimate goal is paramount. Concentrate on the message you want to achieve by putting your idea out into the world. Just like an academic paper, any great creative project has a thesis: a core belief or value to its existence. When you concentrate on presenting an idea through all the steps of your creative process, it’s only natural for the central theme of the project to shine through.


 Know what you stand for when you are creating. It’s easy to be persuaded to give in to a trend or idea that everyone seems to be capitalising on at the time. However, if you stick to your gut, your values, and intuition, you can churn out something truly great. While learning and taking inspiration from others is certainly admirable, there is arguably more merit in finding your own path. Contribute to the world by putting forth your own ideas, then maybe someone else can learn from you!


Show up every day. You won’t accomplish something you’re proud of every day, or even most days, but you will produce something. All the rough drafts and mutterings of something that may have been something, when combined or looked back on, can always be improved. It may feel difficult now, but creating the habit is the hardest part, all you have to do afterward is follow through. You’ll thank yourself for it tomorrow. After all, yesterday, you probably said you’d do it today. 


 We all have lulls in creativity, days when trashing a whole project seems easier than picking up where you left off. Giving up is easy, way easier than trudging through a day with a lack of creative inspiration. However, giving up, when justified by lack of inspiration, is never an excuse. Finish all the way through. Maybe the project won’t be what you expected or envisioned initially, but the act of finishing through on your commitment to your work, and yourself, will poise you to habitually finish what you started. Besides, won’t thinking back on your masterpiece one day be so much sweeter when you remember how you refused to give up on it?


 Your work is done, but that cathartic release you anticipated isn’t quite there. The nagging feeling that maybe it isn’t that great, that you need to go back and fix something, that you need to start over, is trying to take over. Don’t let it. That feeling, the one detracting you from the basking in the joy of a completed project, is self-doubt. Be confident and have some conviction for all the work you’ve put in. After all, if you’ve gotten this far, you’ve followed through on the other “C”s, and that, in itself, is an accomplishment to be proud of. 


Expanding Your Reach on the Internet


Here at Catch Creative, we understand that the first hurdle for any business is brand visibility and recognition. By implementing the right techniques the benefits of the internet can help your business reach its audience effectively. Here are some simple steps to start increasing your brand recognition online.


• Targeting Your Audience    


Firstly, it is important to identify your target audience. It is impossible to reach everyone effectively. Trying to reach everyone will mean you will inevitably miss the consumers most likely to want to reach you. After identifying the demographics (age, gender, occupation, etc.) you would like to reach, figure out how they use the Internet: what they use it for, which social media platforms and kinds of content are their favourite.


• Identify and Create Content


Once you’ve identified your target audience and what kinds of things they would like to see and share, you can decide what kinds of content you’d like to produce for them. Various studies have shown these kinds of content to be received well: infographics, quizzes, images, news, lists, interviews.

Infographics can be difficult and expensive to make, so those may be ambitous, unless your team has a graphic designer with the time to research and create them. Quizzes from other sources that are relevant to your brand can be shared, and images that are on brand are always more engaging than plain text. Just make sure you have the legal rights to an image (Google can filter image results by “labeled for reuse”). News articles are one of the most shared kinds of content on the internet, especially on Facebook and Twitter. Acting as an informant for your audience could improve your image of reliability and reputation. Just be sure that the news you’re sharing is from a credible source and does not include incorrect facts (this could damage your reputation). A “Top Ten” or “Best Of” list is always well received. If you can craft one and put it on your blog it can direct traffic there and see views build up on both platforms. Finally, interviews with team members, professionals, or pleased clients are always a solid, reliable testimony and again improves your reputation.

You can also recycle old content you’ve already created. Maybe it was only posted on Facebook, and you can find a way to format it for Twitter and Instagram. Try to update old content with new information or by focusing on a different aspect of it. Every piece of content tells multiple stories. For example, a short video clip saying, “Have A Great Day” over a cityscape could have originally been posted to send a motivational message to followers. Some time later it could be recycled to serve as an example of one of the best places to get video footage of a city.

As a general consideration, audiences tend to enjoy insightful or entertaining content the most. This is why infographics and news articles do well; they provide perspective on an industry. Images, videos, and quizzes can engage a viewer’s attention and perhaps bring a smile to their face or a question to their mind, encouraging them to dig deeper, maybe starting with your website.

There are so many kinds of content, and if you work hard and get creative, you can find content that is well within your means to make. It is fun to see that content succeed on the Internet.


• Organise


Deciding which pieces of content go on which social media or Internet platform is important. Some mediums lend themselves better to specific platforms and others are fairly universal. For instance, a photograph is pretty universal which a video will probably do best on Facebook, as people in general have more time when they are scrolling there rather than Twitter or Instagram. This is not to say that you shouldn’t post a video on Twitter or Instagram, but perhaps to post a catchy, shorter clip from the video, and link to the full version to direct traffic to multiple platforms.


• Partner Up


    There is a reason there are cliches like “two heads are better than one.” Teaming up with business partners can help you reach twice the number of people you usually would. Tagging a business or person you’ve worked with on Twitter or Facebook will draw their following to you, especially if they share the post and/or create their own post as well. Open communication and discussion of these activities and efforts with partners presents the most opportunity for expanding both organisation’s reach on the Internet.


• Track


    Finally, track your progress. Facebook and Instagram have functions for business profiles to check the kinds of people they are reaching. Keep track of your analytics and identify areas for improvement. Pay attention to the kinds of posts that do well, and try to do more of those or modify them in ways that could maximise their reach even further. Also notice the kinds of people that share your posts, and see what other kinds of things they are sharing for inspiration.


• Bonus


If budget allows, you can boost posts on Facebook for not too much money. Choose the posts you like the most or are the most proud of and take advantage of modern technology!


Remember, try to be as creative and original as possible, while staying true to your brand and message. Combining strategy, authenticity, and trying new things is the magic balance for a successful Internet presence.  



If there are any tips or tricks you have known to be helpful, please contribute to the conversation and share them with us! Tweet at us @catch_creative.
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Why use video to promote your business ?

Why use video to promote your business ?

Catch Creative is an award winning production company based in London and founded in 2011. Clients come to this company because it operates in a particular field : videos. But you might wonder why it is important to use videos to promote your business. Well, we are here to tell you. The purposes of having a video marketing strategy are to increase your sales, inform your consumers about news products, and promote your brand name. Because video is a fundamental tool for strong content and a good social media strategy, it is necessary to understand why you should use them. A video does not just introduce your business, it allows you to grab the attention of a range of viewers who might become potential clients. Ninety percent of users say that the product videos are helpful in the decision making process, so read more to know why you should think about a new strategy for your business.


  • In tune with the times

The recent growth in touchscreen phones and tablet devices has dictated a new way of establishing marketing strategies, because companies need to ensure that their website is visible no matter what type of device a viewer is using. One third of all online activity is spent watching video. Therefore the need to have video content appears, because it is easy to incorporate in every web pages. Eighty-seven percent of online marketers use video content and, according to Aberdeen, companies using video enjoy 41 percent more web traffic from search than non-video users. This is how they know that their businesses are increasing. Forty-five percent of those who use video say they have an explainer video on their home page. Of those, 83 percent say their home page explainer video is effective. Including video on landing page can increase conversion by 80 percent. That is why, after watching a video, 64 percent of users are more likely to buy a product online, so the return on investment is a significant consideration, and it is important to focus on new technologies. Lots of numbers which won’t make you think twice about getting a brand new video. (These numbers show there is no need to hesitate to making a brand new video)


  • Target a wider audience

Because of the speed of the Internet and all the likes and shares, your audience will be extended if you use video marketing. You can reach a wider range of users, who might be brought by other content or another social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Vimeo. Youth, teens, adults or elderlies, the type of viewer doesn’t matter. All that matters is that the average user spends over 16 minutes watching online video ads every month and 92 percent of mobile video consumers share videos with their friends or contacts, so chances are your video will be seen multiple times over. You also need to have an updated strategy, because an average youth tends to spend more time on the Internet. Eighty-six percent of colleges and universities have a presence on YouTube. You could make a profit if the video drove people into buying something because it appealed to their emotions. For example, our viewers are more touched with certain subjects, such as domestic abuse with the video “Citizens Advice - Domestic Abuse”, global warming with “Coca-Cola WWF Partnership - Arctic Home”, or about self-confidence in “I’m an apprentice – Value me!”. Eighty percent of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days, so think about video marketing for your businesses. Moreover, videos appear in 70 percent of the top 100 search results listings, so promoting your business with a video creates SEO advantages. That is why you will reach and target a wider audience with a video.


  • A lot in few seconds

There are lots of advantages to videos compared to plain texts and images. Fifty-nine percent of executives would rather watch a video than read a text. But can we compare them? Yes we can ! Dr. James McQuivey estimates that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. By simple calculations, he deduced that a picture equals 1,000 words. Video shoots 30 frames per second. Therefore, every second of video is worth 30,000 words. Multiply 30k by 60 seconds, which is a common length for an explainer video, and you get 1.8 million. So videos offer important advantages you don’t get from written content. You can learn so much in a minute, thanks to the lighting, the music, the speed, the rhythm, the voices, the texts, the shots, the direction, the emotions and more. And if you defend an important cause and want to raise awareness, a video will be quicker and easier to understand, rather than a text. Look again at our video for “Coca-Cola WWF Partnership - Arctic Home”. We tried to raise awareness about global warming and about polar bears’ conditions. We constantly work closely with charities, that is why values and ethics are important for us. So videos are more efficient than texts and give lots of advantages.


  • Build trust

Some sectors and industries have tough competitors, that is why your business needs to stand out. A video can help you win the trust of consumers. Sixty-five percent of executives visit the marketer’s website, 50 percent of them look for more information after seeing a product or a service in a video and 39 percent call a vendor after viewing a video. That is why we can say that there is a certain relationship of trust between a business and its clients. Clients build their trust on their first impression, so think about the best way to create a favorable and professional image, to show that you care about it and that you want to capture attention. For example, at Catch Creative, we always produce and release a video which corresponds to the client’s need, whether it is a digital, a TV production or an animation.  Building trust is important to fit in the market, so strengthen your image: start your video project with Catch Creative.

To conclude and to look ahead, 85 percent of businesses say that it's likely they will begin or continue using video in the future. So, for this new year, expect to see videos become even more widely adopted. It can be yours, so why not share your project with Catch Creative? You can contact us, all the information is below, or visit our website | 0207 250 8308 | 07968094349

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Why use animation for marketing?

Why use animation for marketing?


Here at Catch Creative, an award winning production company based in London and founded in 2010, clients often ask us why using animation or animated videos for marketing is a good idea. So we replied that this tool gives new ways of visual communication on the Internet. It can raise awareness, could lead to you and enable people to remember you. But if you want to increase your presence on social media, you might have to set up a marketing strategy to create an engaging and attractive content. So do you want to dynamize your brand’s communication? Which better way than follow trends, have an animation to promote your company and your values and get an advantage over your tougher competitors? Here are some tips that will enable you to understand why including an animation in your marketing campaign is great.


  • Visual

A visual communication gives an identity to the brand. It shows values and ethics about the company just in few seconds. Visuals make your potential customers remember your company : viewers remember 58% more information than they do when they just view images among text. 90% of user say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. At Catch Creative, the aim is to tell bold & visual stories through branded content, commercials, music promos, TV & film which corresponds to client’s needs and desires. In London, competition can be tough so animation can enable you to stand out. People appreciate animation because it makes things appealing. 93% of marketers use video for online marketing, sales or communications. It synthesizes information that people would not necessarily have bothered to look for themselves. And if the narration and the design are good, it immerses them in a sort of good film or documentary !


  • Short

An animation needs to be short and effective. Indeed, according to Visible Measures, 20% of viewers will click away from a video in 10 seconds or fewer. So the animation must last few minutes, otherwise users will lose their attention and won’t have an interest to your brand. It should also have a striking point in the beginning, to interest the viewer and arouse their curiosity. 45% of viewers will stop watching a video after 1 minute and 60% by 2 minutes, according to Visible Measures. You can mix pictures, motion, text, voice, sound effects and music in a short amount of time, so viewers can’t get bored. At Catch Creative, our animations don’t last more than 3 minutes because the purpose needs to be clear and precise. That way, you might need an animation in the aim of transmitting in a short manner the history of your brand and its values.


  • Flexible

Animation is a good way for a company to export its values and thoughts. Indeed, it offers unlimited possibilities to create or recreate your identity, whether you want it to be younger, more classic, or even more retro. People usually like animation because it suits them better. Walt Disney even said that “animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive”. At Catch Creative, we can easily adapt our work to clients’ needs. For example, we have made 2D/3D for the Coca-Cola WWF Partnership - Arctic Home, some motion design for AECR - Tax Film or even Family Lives. But we also use animation for more serious topics, to deliver an important message, such as for Can Animation. You  can make things happen that don’t exist in reality. “Animation can show scenes that no camera can ever shoot” so it can enhance your visual identity and will set your brand more in the market.


  • Relate

When you want to create an animation, you will decide if you want to incorporate animated ads and infographics, 2D/3D, or animated characters. With loving fellows, people will relate easier to the animation. Indeed, they will feel certain emotions, whether it is a laugh, a smile or a grin. Your audience, implicitly, will get closer to your brand on an emotional level. And if they are involved and engaged, they will easily become potential customers. We always try to bring a little something in our work, by the lighting, the graphic design, or even the music. Being close to our customers is a fundamental point for Catch Creative because we can understand what they want and because a certain relationship a trust is established. On average, people will stay 2 minutes longer on your website when engaged with a video (Internet Retailer / Comscore). So relate to the animation can be a way to remember you.


  • Trendy

Animation is a mean of communication that is developing more and more, for various reasons. The video format explodes on the Internet, especially thanks to the debit that have increased significantly in recent years. According to ComScore, 45.4% of users viewed at least one video online over the course of a month. So animation is what stand out because of the creativity. Visual communication gives an identity to the brand. Over the last twelve months, we have seen a 40% increase in businesses using animation. As Catch Creative is based in London, being imaginative and modern is an important goal, like for the animation of the British Science Association for example. In other terms, you might need to provide your company a brand new animation and it might affect in good ways your business.


  • Share

It should be said that videos is probably the most used format by users. Indeed, they turn away from TV and end up to do similar things on the Internet like watching a video, but with a more social dimension. This is especially true for young people. The average internet user spends 88% more time on a website with video than without. So companies need to focus on this point and propose short, punchy and creative contents, which adapt to different media such as web, mobile, and TV. According to Aberdeen, companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users. According to Brightcove, social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. Nowadays, social medias, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, are essential for an efficient communication. By the way, have you seen our latest animation? You can go on our website and watch it. Our aim is to make films and inspire, which can be done with an animation. So having one can definitively be a good mean of communication if you want your content to be seen.


To conclude, half (52%) of marketing professionals worldwide mention video as the online content with the best return on investment.The advantage with animation is that it is more trendy than a simple video. Indeed, people can relate more to visual graphic content than to normal videos. With a quicker rhythm and a more punchy side, you might enhance your visibility among the customers and hopefully gain clients.

Many of our clients are already using animations. To talk to us about how your business could benefit from this tool, get in touch and contact us with all the informations below. We would love to hear from you. | 0207 250 8308 | 07968094349

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